David BranskyAbout David

David is an acknowledged contributor towards a well-needed movement in shifting consciousness and improving the overall quality of life. Collaborating the use of his Brain Reboot Process and his unique and direct touch, he’s able to help people instantly shift from a Life-depleting state to a more naturally centered and positive one. Those who have had the privilege of participating in David’s Brain Reboot Process experience balance, more strength, mental clarity, look younger, and possess greater inner peace.

An Analogy

Human beings are like batteries. Each of us, like a battery, has a limited amount of available energy. The daily demands on our Life energy are enormous. At any given time, we are either charging or discharging. When we continually discharge, we get progressively weaker and weaker. Unfortunately, in these stressful times, the things that cause us to discharge are more prevalent than the things that charge us.

Each negative stress factor creates another drain. Stress factors such as congested highways, chemical influence, overwork, lack of exercise, dysfunctional families, not enough rest, fear-based media, cellular phones and the hassles of everyday life. Ultimately, we run out of energy and are unable to continue. Being in a profound state of brain hemisphere congruence allows us to be in an almost constant state of charge.

The Brain Reboot Process

This amazing process is accomplished with you lying on your back with your head at the high end of the alignment table. The process involves a unique and invigorating movement of the head and is accomplished within less than a minute, creating a “reboot” effect to the brain. Though it’s a quick process, many things are taking place. Instantly, the brain hemispheres integrate, overly tight and tense muscles relax, weak muscles strengthen, hips and shoulders level, legs become even, and balance is once again restored. Generally, the more you need the Brain Reboot Process, the more apt you are to feel it. And, you feel it where you need it the most. Like turning on a faucet, energy goes where it needs to go!