Welcome to the Brain Reboot Studio! If your mission is searching for real and tangible results for longevity, stress mastery, sustainable balance and Life enhancement, then I welcome you in with doors wide open. My goal is to help you effectively release and recover from the most intense Life challenge we will ever face… silent and unrelieved stress! We do not massage muscles, adjust your spine, provide psychological evaluations, or act as your medical doctor. We also do not claim to heal any medical ailments or diagnose you in any way. This is where our unique profession stands alone from many others. If you’re looking to release unwanted brain/body stress and believe that the only one to heal another person is YOU, then I invite you to incorporate this invigorating and energy-transforming process in your daily life!

What People Are Saying

David’s Brain Reboot is a life-changing and truly spiritual experience that works instantly. No “did this even do anything?” for months before a result – you can feel it as soon as David holds your head. And David? The best there is… because he actually cares and connects.

Drew Gerald, Author

Thank you for the experience to feeling lighter and more in-tune from the session. The concept is quite interesting. The most important benefit is that it works.

A. Mozelle, Client

I really like getting Reboots from David. They help with my posture, my sleep, and my everyday physical activities, also as with playing soccer. I’ve been to other practitioners and have to say that with all that I can that I can only recommend getting David’s Reboot!

Martin G., Client

The best thing I can say about my Reboot session is “Ah h h h h h!” There’s relief, joy and I’m humming again – something I haven’t done since childhood.

Nan Sea Lee, Santa Monica, CA

I started with David in October 2011. The sessions give me a sense of mental and physical balance and clarity. Muscle testing will reveal your right or left side imbalance. The Brain Reboot is a process that can best be experienced. I recommend David for his caring, personal style. If you are curious and interested, contact him for a consultation.

Warren Mullisen, Culver City, CA

Ready to take back your peace and balance?

With our Brain Reboot Process, we can work together to get your body aligned with its natural healing state so it can begin to heal itself. In just a few minutes we can discover if the Brain Reboot Studio is a good fit for you. I’m happy to answer any of your questions and go deeper into the process to help you be as comfortable as possible.